Trimax PLS Vertical Shaft Impactor

The Trimax PLS Vertical Shaft Impactor woks on the ingenous principle that rock fed into the machine can be used to crush itself. This autogenous crushing action offers the lowest possible cost per ton of any impact crushing method.

Main material feed is introduced into the rotor and center of the crushing chamber where it is accelerated by the fast rotational speed of the rotor tips. At the same moment, additional material is cascaded into the side of the crushing chamber, bypasiing the rotor, creating a secondary cascading flow. The result is a supercharged vortex of material particles impacting the cascading feed.

This high velocity impact crushing method improves the cubical shape of the material and results in the highest quality end products, highly desirable and valued in the market for use in concrete, asphalt and base mixtures.

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1. The heavy-duty angle and height adjustable spreader plate and adjustable side cascade ports operate together

     to control the precise ratio of center feeding and side cascading of feed material.

2.The roof lifter allows swift replacement of wear parts within the crushing chamber.

3. The double handled inspection door allows convenient inspection of the crushing chamber.

4. A strengthened main shaft plus a simple and reliable grease lubrication system results in low maintenance costs

    and durability.

5. Multiple segmented rotor tips and tip/ cavilty wear plates maximise the wear life of individual parts.

Design Features

   PLS-700                         35                         55 - 110                     1775 - 2050                      30 - 78                        7500    

PLS-850 II                       50                       180 - 320                     1320 - 1720                     95 - 260                      11500

PLS-1000 II                      60                       320 - 500                     1240 - 1460                     200 - 410                     17000

PLS-1200 II                      60                       500 - 630                     1040 - 1300                     320 - 550                     22650

Central Material Feed

Secondary Cascade Feed

Rock-On-Rock Crushing

MODEL                   MAX FEED                MOTOR                  ROTOR SPEED               CAPACITY                  WEIGHT

                                      MM                          KW                               RPM                             TPH                             KG